FatDog64 710 is released.

FatDog is a close relative to Puppy Linux. It was actually forked (see down the page) from Puppy Linux 4.0 in 2008.

The developers are long time Puppy users and tinkerers; kirk, jamesbond and more recently SFR. Of course there are many other notable contributors in the spirit of Open Source. Their initial intention was to fatten puppy but this quickly led to 64 bit development (2009) which was the first in Puppy's history.

Initially, FatDog was built with the T2 build system and used a modified PET packaging system and package manager however the 700 series was a complete rethink with the entire distro compiled from source leveraging scripts from Linux From Scratch (LFS) and Beyond Linux From Scratch (BLFS). Package management now uses slaptget/gslapt which are compatible with tgz, tbz, tlz and txz packages. (Similar to a popular old school distro still in existence ).

For more information and download links visit the FatDog 710 thread at the Puppy Linux Discussion Forum or visit The Desk of James (release announcement).


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