Slacko 700 Development

It's an exciting time to be a Puppy Linux user!

The puppy build system (woof-CE) has been developing at a rapid pace with all new scripts and programs developed for the initial RAM disk (a.k.a initrd.gz) to refine how puppy searches for files and boots. This initiative has been taken up by gyro on the Puppy Linux Discussion Forum with assistance from jlist (a.k.a. wdlkmpx in woof-CE circles) in building new static binary programs that the initrd.gz needs, including busybox and some other utilities.

I have released the first slacko64 alpha built with these changes and you can help out with testing if you desire by downloading a copy and joining in the discussion at the forum. A 32 bit version will be following soon.

Have fun testing!

Posted on 1 Sep 2016, 11:16 by 01micko - Categories: Development
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Posted on 4 Sep 2016, 22:42 by 01micko
"32 bit available"
You can now download the 32 bit version of Slacko 700 alpha and an updated 64 bit version is uploading.

Use the same link as in the main post.

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