pMusic - Set playqueue

pMusic is playqueue-oriented. It will only play tracks from the playqueue - nowhere else. The focus is how to add tracks to the queue. pMusic offers several ways:
  • From the internal sourcelist
  • From the smartadd dock
  • From the commandline
  • From an external file browser
  • From the Track info window
  • From the search field

  • The internal sourcelist

    In the default frontend, this is the big field to the left, and it shows output of
  • the search engine
  • the internal file browser
  • expanded playlist
  • radio-station browsing
  • webmusic browsing
  • The Favorites/Bookmarks system
  • CD-audio content
  • user history
  • Whatever music the sourcelist shows, this can be added to the playqueue by double-click on it. Single-click selects item(s) while right-click opens a menu. The combination of searching/selection makes the sourcelist the preferred place for complex adding. It supports multiple selections using CRTL and SHIFT key and selection by dragging an area (rubber banding).

    The Smartadd dock

    Show the Smartadd dock by pressing the button beside the search field - see image below. This is a tool adding tracks depending on your requests. You define how many tracks to be added (by sort order or randomly), and where the smartadd should look. Either in the sourcelist (image above) or the internal database (all audio files on system). This is all good, but it is the filters that make it 'smart'. From version 5.1.0, there are 3 filters:
    Each time you have played a song it is stored in the database, so pMusic 'knows' how many times you have played each song. I use this filter when I want some random music - but still, I want music I like. So, setting the rating filter to 3 - I only get songs I have heard 3 times earlier. I get different kind of music (I set it to random), but since I have played these songs 3 times before, I most likely enjoy them.
    The genre info is based on the meta-info stored in the database. If this info isn't present, this filter is useless and will lead to an error message. An interesting feature is the free search. - The string in the genre-field can be ie. 'eta' and will accept Metal/metal/Heavy metal/Black metal/...
    If info exist, this filter allows us to specify beats per minute of the songs we like to hear.

    The filter buttons shows quick info of the filter status. Here we see the rating filter is set to 3 while the tempo-button shows the minimum beats per minute - 120. Genre filter is not set, so button doesn't show any info.

    Technical (tempo)
    The pMusic indexer stores the tempo of the song to the database. It requires a full scan (Menu->Music Sources->My Music) or that you've listen the song. (See Witing to the DB for more info). The tempo detection is done in funcC via the trackinfo function (func_trackinfo --> stream_info) and the result is seen in the Stream tab in the Track info window. Tempo detection requires soundtouch to be installed on your system. There is a dependency checker in the Help menu. Tempo features is introduced in pMusic 5.1.0

    The commandline

    The basic command is pmusic /path/file, and it will start pmusic with an empty playqueue and play the requested song. If pMusic is already running, it will add the file to the existing playqueue. To override this dynamic behavior, use the switches:
    -a to ensure the file is added to the existing queue
    -P to ensure the file will start playing

    See pmusic --help for a full set of switches.

    External file browser

    The dynamic behavior of the commandline described above will all file browsers benefit of. As long as audio MIME types are associated with pMusic, you can click on an audio file in your file browser and pMusic will show up and start playing. The next files you click on, will nicely be added to the playqueue.

    If using the Rox file browser (used in most Puppy linux), there is an option to add all audio files in the selected directory. This is available from the right-click menu.

    Track info - Album tab

    There is also an option to add tracks from the Track info window - Album tab. Right-click in the list, and you get the option to add track(s) to the playqueue.

    The search field

    The search field gives of course input to the search-engine. You can also activate the internal file browser by enter a path here. But in addition, it lets us add music to the playqueue by entering the address - either a file path or an internet URL. Mostly, other solutions are preferable, but when you ie. want to add an internet URL to the playqueue, this is the most handy way to do it. Copy the address in a browser - paste it into the search field - press enter.

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