Upload to Woof via web interface

This describes a very specific challenge.
How to upload a package of files to Woof-CE at github via the web interface.

The web interface is suited for doing simple things, and has many limitations over the CLI interface. An advanced user of git would probably laugh at us using the simple variant. But when rarely using git, and most of the time just editing existing files, it is just perfect to do the stuff in the web-browser.

The challenge is when we want to upload packages containing lots of files and directories. How do we do this...

1. Create new files and directories

- Go to the source directory - in this example /woof-code/rootfs-packages/.
- Press the Create new file button.

- Write the name of first directory in the textbox - here frisbee.
- Enter / to create the path. The textbox moves right, and are ready for new input.
- When reached target directory, add filename in textbox, and add file content in the editor.
- Add pull request by pressing the Propose file change / Commit changes button.

2. Upload files to existing directory

- Go to the source directory - here /woof-code/rootfs-packages/frisbee/etc/.
- Press the Upload files button.

- Add files by dragging them from your file-browser.
- You'll see your files get added at bottom (marked red).
- Add pull request by pressing the Propose file change / Commit changes button.

Posted on 27 May 2016, 01:35 by zigbert - Categories: Woof-CE
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Posted on 26 May 2016, 19:59 by 01micko
"Excellent resource"
Thanks zigbert!

I have linked to this from the Woof-CE Needs You topic on the forum. Hopefully many people read it and gain some inspiration.

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