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Recent Woof-CE based puppies have a new tool which is rather obscure and thus often overlooked.

The tool in question is "sandbox". This is a tool that enables the user to run "puppy within puppy". When you run sandbox, you get a fresh environment that resembles the puppy you're running on, except that anything you do inside sandbox will not change anything outside it (with some exceptions ...). It's ideal for testing some nasty pets that like to change your system files without you knowing it - if a pet breaks your installation, well it only does it within sandbox. Your main system continues oblivious to whatever happens in sandbox. And when you leave sandbox, everything you do inside it, is gone.

If you want to setup an alternate environment (with a different savefile), you can do that too. The standard sandbox will lose its contents when you leave, but rw-sandbox will keep it --- the content is gone when you leave the sandbox, but when you re-enter, it will be restored. Just like a savefile.

How to run it? Sandbox and its brother rw-sandbox only runs from terminal. So launch a terminal, and type "sandbox.sh". Choose the layers you want to use, and you will enter the sandbox. Type "exit" to leave the sandbox. Inside the sandbox, you can also launch GUI programs like geany or seamonkey, if you wish to. Just make sure that you kill all of them before leaving sandbox.

To start rw-sandbox, do the same but instead type "rw-sandbox.sh". You will be asked where to create a new savefile (or load an existing one if it already exists). The rest it the same.

Sandbox was originally a feature of Fatdog64, which was backported to Woof-CE last year by request of forum member "eowens". To see what can and cannot be done with sandbox, please see its original documentation page: http://distro.ibiblio.org/fatdog/web/faqs/sandbox.html. Note: Puppy Linux does not have lxc-sandbox, because right now it does not support lxc. Also, the full-desktop emulation is not working on Puppy yet, because it lacks certain tools needed for that. But everything else will work.

And if your copy of Puppy doesn't come with sandbox, pester your favorite developer to rebuild it from Woof-CE. Building fresh from Woof-CE will include sandbox as well as many other updates, such as zigbert's excellent pthemes.

Posted on 14 Apr 2016, 23:19 by jamesb - Categories: Puppy
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Posted on 25 Aug 2016, 17:59 by greengeek
Great idea. Sounds like a combination of Spot and running in a VM.

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