Fido gets a home

Fido has been a poor neglected pup.

For many years people have wondered why we use the root account for just about everything. After several complaints, Barry eventually created the fido account that served as the default non-root 'user' to appease those not comfortable with running as root. Much of this was based on Pizzasgood's work in Puppy 4.2.1. Unfortunately, fido hasn't received much love since then and has deteriorated in to an emaciated wreck.

I have decided to do some work on the fido account (rather than put him down) and the first thing I did was create a 'home' dir for fido in /home/fido so there will be no more conflicts with /root. Of course it didn't work too well. I got to a desktop fine, everything on the hardware side working, browsing, text editing worked but no terminal! urxvt, our default virtual terminal application just would not run, so out came the google foo. Turns out that permissions in /dev/ were scewed up, a lot of them; some ownerships too. Of course there will be a lot of other bugs that I didn't investigate but this one was huge, and probably the worst.

Anyway, I think I now have it sorted and will offer a package for testing in a pfix=ram environment soon.

You can follow development in this thread on the forum.


NB: The last poster there before my post of today was by Nooby, our lovable perpetual 'noob'. RIP Nooby.

Posted on 29 Mar 2016, 18:24 by 01micko - Categories: Development
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