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So why did I decide to go with a trusty old pplog derivative for this blog?

At first I had considered Jekyll, which runs nicely at Github (see but the problem with that is that each post is subject to a "pull request". Nothing wrong with that except I want to trust the posters here and don't want to have to bother with moderating everything. (And there hasn't been great enthusiasm to post a page, edit some content or even proofread over at As it is I have to approve every poster and commenter but that is all. Once registered here you have free rein.

I also considered a couple of other options, including FlatPress, a php based platform which stores its database in flat files, similar to pplog and derivatives. However, I thought why not go with this? It's clean, simple yet elegant and with sc0ttman's enhancements quite modern. It was quite a bit of work though to add the multi-user functionality and make sure it was locked down.

Of course there are other big platforms like WordPress, Drupal and friends but they are big and cumbersome, require an sql database and more often than not are an enormous amount of work to customise and maintain. With WordPress, yes there are tons of themes and add ons but this creates more headaches. Whose code do you trust? Why can't I get such and such theme looking right? Drupal is the opposite in that there aren't all that many themes available and they are big work to customise.

I have forked the code for this blog as sjpplog_ng on GitHub. As many will know it is written in the perl scripting language which has a large presence in the open source community. Most web servers have perl already installed. If you are a perl coder, or even a dabbler (like me) then feel free to fork the project and offer your code. The original licence is GPLv3 so we have to stick with that.

It has been a long month of web developing getting the main puppy site transferred over to me and developing a nice site (many thanks of course to jamesb, mavrothal and BarryK) and now this blog which is the place for the latest in Puppy Linux news. Now back to real development!

Is there anything more Puppy than pplog?

Posted on 26 Mar 2016, 16:33 by 01micko - Categories: Development
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