Welcome to the brand new Puppy Linux Blog!

This blog is a descendant of the the original pplog code by Federico Ramírez (fedekun) and advocated by Barry. It is directly based on SJpplog by Scott Jarvis (sc0ttman) with modifications to make it multiuser, such that more than one person can make actual posts.

Other features include:

  • Extended sharing via Reddit, Twitter, Facebook or Google+, all configurable so you can have all, none or any combination

  • Beefed up security

  • Search by "author" button since there is the possibility of multiple users.

  • A map that shows the location of "hits" to the site, thanks to jamesb

  • a design reflective of the main Puppy Linux Site

  • many other little bugfixes and improvements

  • By default, comments are switched off however this may change in the future with an email based registration system. In the blog software itself the comments can be switched on.

    I hope you enjoy this blog.


    Posted on 15 Mar 2016, 6:00 by 01micko - Categories: Puppy
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    Posted on 25 Mar 2016, 4:13 by 01micko
    I have decided to enable comments, and will review the decision after a while.

    You must register to make comments. All blog posters (as in article posters) are automatically registered for comments when they are registered to post.

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