Bootloader popularity contest

I recently posted a poll about bootloaders used in Puppy. I want to know which bootloader is most popular by user's vote. I already have a guess of what it is, but would like to confirm that with first hand data.

I plan to run the poll for 30 days, and although it's too early to tell, it seems that my guess is not too far off; and the reasons behind the popularity too.

What triggered me to do the poll is the suggestion from a few members of the community that Puppy implement a new bootloader. A suggestion is welcome, and new shiny thing that can do better is always exciting; but then we need data about what the user really needs. There is no need to supply a electric chainsaw if you need to trim some bush in your garden. Sure it can do the job too, but isn't a garden scissors a better tool?

Of course, it is also to inquire about what the users think about the new big wave that is coming (actually already came) - UEFI. Interestingly, so far I don't have anyone bringing up the topic yet (the puppy steward's post didn't count), as is either it doesn't matter, or it doesn't bother them.

Anyway, we'll see. I'll probably start discussion on that thread soon. 30 days seem to be abit too long.

Posted on 15 Mar 2016, 11:24 by jamesb - Categories: Puppy
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Welcome to the brand new Puppy Linux Blog!

This blog is a descendant of the the original pplog code by Federico Ramírez (fedekun) and advocated by Barry. It is directly based on SJpplog by Scott Jarvis (sc0ttman) with modifications to make it multiuser, such that more than one person can make actual posts.

Other features include:

  • Extended sharing via Reddit, Twitter, Facebook or Google+, all configurable so you can have all, none or any combination

  • Beefed up security

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  • many other little bugfixes and improvements

  • By default, comments are switched off however this may change in the future with an email based registration system. In the blog software itself the comments can be switched on.

    I hope you enjoy this blog.


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