November (1 entries)
15Audioplayer's resource hunger

October (2 entries)
4AlbumArt in pMusic
9Slacko 700 Beta

September (3 entries)
1Slacko 700 Development
11pMusic 5.2.0
27pMusic sound processing

August (5 entries)
24Podcasts in pMusic
27Play youtube in pMusic

July (2 entries)
4Gtkdialog right-click menu
9pMusic DB and file format

June (5 entries)
4Rationalisation of Woof-CE
10pMusic visualization
21pMusic - Set playqueue
22Slacko 6.3.2 is released!
30Xenialpup64 alpha

May (3 entries)
10gtkdialog knob
19The gtkdialog lib
27Upload to Woof via web interface

April (7 entries)
1Booting Slacko 6.3 on UEFI
3Ptheme supports gtk-icon themes
4Slacko beta
8New menu manager
14Puppy Linux sandbox
24Icon Theme
30pMusic - FFmpeg monitor

March (9 entries)
15Bootloader popularity contest
15Puppy Releases
22Great new blog!
25pMusic 5 and its bad reputation
26Blog Software
29Fido gets a home
30Fido Progress
31ffmpeg - the multimedia hub

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