Xenialpup Released

The Puppylinux Team is proud to release Puppylinux 7.5, aka, Xenialpup 7.5!

Puppylinux is small, runs in ram, is lightning fast, very versatile and good fun! It has everything a novice will need while allowing full control to the experienced user.

It comes in both 32bit & 64bit versions that can boot in both BIOS and UEFI enabled computers. The 32bit version has kernel 4.4.95-noPAE for better compatibility with older hardware while the 64bit has Kernel 4.9.58 for better modern hardware support.

True to puppylinux tradition both versions come with a full range of communications, productivity and entertainment applications as well as a wide range of the unique puppy-specific utilities and applications.
The 330MB ISO includes:
- JWM window manager and ROX file manager.
- Palemoon browser and Claws mail client.
- FTP, Torrent and Chat applications.
- MPV media player, Simple Screen Recorder and Deadbeef audio player.
- Abiword word processor and Gnumeric Spread sheet application.
- Vector and Drawing applications.
- Samba file sharing, CUPS printing and CD/DVD utilities.
- Quickpet, a utility to easily install to the most popular additional applications, OS updates & bugfixes.
- Lots of in house puppy-specific applications such as Pburn, Uextract, Packit, Change_kernels, JWMdesk, YASSM, Pclock, SimpleGTKradio as well as a wide range of many other upto date programs and utilities.

Minimum System Requirements: 1000MHz CPU 768MB RAM
Recommended: 1600MHz 1gb RAM
Puppylinux boots from cd, usb, sdcard or network access. A Hard Drive is not required!
It can be installed frugally on the HD, USB or a writable CD/DVD, but also as a conventional “full install”.

You can download the iso images and checksums as well as development files (devx) from here. Just choose what suits you, 32 or 64. If unsure choose 32. It will run on 32 bit and 64 bit computers.

Xenialpup is built using Woof-CE (woof-CE at GitHub) “The Puppy builder" system, which can build a Puppy Linux distribution from the binary packages of any other distro or home grown packages.
Xenialpup is a true community edition 'CE', with contributions from many within the Puppylinux community.


Philip Broughton & The Puppylinux team.

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ArtfulPup-17.11 released

ArtfulPup-17.11 is available from:

ArtfulPup is a 32-bit Woof-CE build using Ubuntu Artful Aardvark (17.10) components

Forum thread

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I am pleased to announce the release of X-Slacko-4.3

X-Slacko is a Puppy Linux derivative based on 01micko's Slacko Puppy with the Xfce desktop environment and is Slackware compatible.

Please see the Puppy Forum page for more information and download links.

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Slacko 7.0 RC

Wow.. what a lot of work! And how much time has flown by since beta 3???

Anyway, we're getting close to release now. Heaps of bugs are fixed and improvements made.

A taste...

Download it from the Puppy Forum

Let us not see if we can catch some last minute bugs!

Cheers and enjoy!

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Slacko 700 Beta 3

Slacko 700 beta 3 is released for a round of testing.

It comes in 32 and 64 bit versions.

For more info and download links see the Puppy forum.

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pMusic 5.4.0

Version 5.4.0 is released

  • Improve radio detection by allowing several urls for each radio stations in the index file. This is backward compatible with the old format.
  • A new dead simple podcast frontend is included by default. The heavily improved podcast managing introduced in pMusic 5.2 deserves its own gui. The good old PPG (Puppy Podcast Grabber) is now old enough to retire.
  • Search inside lyrics.
  • Play tracks other places than in the playqueue. pMusic is still a playqueue-oriented player. This is a function meant to check out tracks before adding them to the queue rather than an alternative play-source.
  • Multiple playqueues for even more flexible usage. This feature is optional, and turned on in the 'Playqueue' menu.
  • New export window - An attempt to clean up the complex export functionality, and to standardize the pMusic dialogs.
  • At last, the basic Visualization engine is included. Atm, the visualization filters are simple, but this might change in the future as ffmpeg-3 allows much more fun. pMusic 5.4 is still depending on ffmpeg 1.2.

  • For the complete list of news, check out the changelog

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